AL Jadeed videos about Abra/Sidon clashes raise some questions..

This is supposed to be a video that talks about what happened the last day in Abra/Sidon clashes between Al Assir militia (yes, we do not endorse this ***) and the Lebanese Army, but this is in no way, a media report. The report talks about video tapes and sound recordings that the army has taken from Al Assir compound in which shows how the clashes began with Al Assir supporters assaulting one of the army check points. The report goes more explaining detailed phone conversations and Al Assir escape theory. The phone calls included two alleged ones from an ex army commander from Tripoli (Northern Lebanon) to Al Assir stating that he launched another battle between Alawitte majority Jabal Mohsen and Sunni majority inhabitants of Bab El Tebbaneh in support of al Assir. The other alleged phone call was between a civilian woman and MP Bahia Al Hariri (لعنة الله على وجهها القبيح – may god’s curses fall on her ugly face) in which the woman informs the MP that Al Assir has escaped. The last part of the report (again, which is all in graphics) shows that Al Assir has even put mines in the Quran.

Now there is a huge possibility that all of this report is all 100% correct! But at the same time, there are also these questions:

a) Why didn’t the army/media outlet (AL Jadeed) publish the real videos and recordings?

b) Why would the report say that there was a car that came behind the army check point , fire few rounds in the air announcing the battle start and then in another real video (not from one of Al Assir cameras) the same news corporation publish don’t show these cars?

c) Why would there be a known call by the army with one of the MP who covered Al Assir escape and there was no action about the subject?

Again, we might be wrong.. but we have the right to ask.


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