Mohamad Darar Jamo: unprofessional media coverage case

When Syrian political analyst and supporter of Bashar Al Asad regime Mohamad Darar Jamo was killed in Tyre, South Lebanon last week; it formed a raw data for the Lebanese media to analyze and build stories on. The most trending story was how Hizbullah (Lebanese political party and resistance group – also accused of being a Shiite militia) areas’ have been breached. MTV Lebanon was one of these channels airing the above displayed report with interviews with political analysts and interviews that confirm that theory.

Surprisingly, the Lebanese Army Intelligence and other security forces discovered traces that Jamo’s brother-in-law and his son have killed him (with their own confessions) and that Jamo’s wife could be involved (she denied later). Media outlets (not only TVs) became silent. They did not even bother themselves to apologize for the Lebanese population for misleading reports. Now Lebanon news website also used the incident without fact checking to shoot bullets on their political opponent Hizbullah showcasing their security areas at risk (ironically, Hizbullah opponents keep criticizing the party for its security sealed areas and then they use its penetration as a sign of weakness, what do they want? A weak or a strong Hizbullah?). Lebanon 24 news website was much more misleading publishing a post that Jamo’s alleged assassins were three men who ran into the neighboring bushes.

Is this what we so call a responsible media?!


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