Dear Al Jadeed: Please note that Mikhail Kalashnikov is alive


Thanks for Zeinoun Nabulsi who opened our eyes on this false report that Al Jadeed TV aired mentioning that the famous Russian arms’ designer (may he go to hell for that) passed away. It seems that the Lebanese news’ channel has fell into a hoax article (Read more here). We are not going to hold the whole station accountable for this fault. One of the channel reporters’ admitted the mistake but said it came from a news’ agency (which the channel might be subscribed to its feeds), something we highly doubt  since these agencies check their resources most of the time. We do admit that Al Jadeed has amazing reports, especially investigative journalism reports and anti-corruption issues (unless if speaker of the Lebanese parliament Nabih Berri is involved in). We would like to ask this channel and other channels to verify and check their news in the future and not air false reports to the public, and when they do, at least send an apology.


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