MTV Report: Using Education Results for Sectarian Hate Speech

Such a shame that a media outlet deals with a national case in this way. In the above news’ report, MTV reporter Haitham Khawand tried to check why some national districts had higher percentages of passing students in official exams than other districts. In another country, a district that scores a high percentage of educated certificate holders students is something to be proud about, but not in Lebanon. When a district with a majority of an X-sect students score high percentages, media outlets with majority of staff from Y-sect will make a report about it. We are not discussing if Khawand’s accusations of “leaking the test questions for Shitte students in Nabatieh and South districts” or “not allowing monitoring committees to tour to exam stations on the exam day” are right or wrong, we are discussing that he did not prove it. Mr. Khawand based all his report on two things: a data diagram showing percentage of passing students in each district and an interview with a professor. Is this Journalism?! Where are the proofs of leaked questions to students? Where are the interviews with students/teachers who witness there was a mass cheating in the exams in the South or Nabatieh? Throwing accusations in the media should be backed up with evidence, especially that such a report is conveying a message to the public: a sect is using the state to make its students’ pass. No?! What about the counter argument, where is the interview with the ministry of education?! Or is it okay to just say it was impossible to get a comment from them! We don’t even believe you tried! And then there was this linking between passing in Grade 9 (before high school) and the numbers of accepted students to Lebanese University (public institution) – how did this happen?! What are your proofs that Amal movement (Shiite political movement headed by Speaker of the Parliament Mr. Nabih Berri) are aiding the Shiite students in the entrance exams?! Unfortunately, we know that the report might be 100% correct, but the problem is that it is a journalistic/reporting failure since it has no proofs. This is not media, this is sectarian hate speech!


One thought on “MTV Report: Using Education Results for Sectarian Hate Speech

  1. Yeah it was not proven and the level of Journalism is low. However, it is well known facet and the man in the interview said that he knows what is going on because he is witness to it.
    I remember when I was at University, during the eighties, how the Hizbollah representative sailed through university without attending a single lecture or doing any of his assignments! Finished with an Engineering Degree! There was always someone else who would be doing it for him. Not sure how his exams were fixed! Those “religious” people did not find anything wrong with the practice.

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