AL Joumhouria: you are a media agency not investigators

It seems that some media outlets in Lebanon think they are investigators or prosecutors. After the famous video (above) of a man documenting his wife’s act of committing suicide in Ramlet El Bayda last Saturday (27th of June 2013), a Lebanese newspaper published on its website a post stating that the seconds 40 to 46 show a shadow of a man that is holding something in his hand. They further elaborated that this is an evidence that can say a lot about Amena (the woman who passed away) “suicide”. They even put the word “suicide” into brackets which means that the writer of that post speculates it might not be a suicide. Question is: Where did the media get this data from?! The investigators? If so, then why was Amena’s husband (who took the video) set free by the police? Wasn’t he a suspect then? or at least should be interrogated about this “object” in his hand?! If it was a self-driven curiosity by the writer, wouldn’t it be better to be given to the police and let them investigate about it and then release the data to the public instead of making everyone suspect that this was a “murder” case not a “suicide”? If it was a murder case. why wouldn’t the journalist do an investigation about it and wait a bit until more evidence are collected? Or he/she cares too much about the scope and nothing else? What if that object ended up to be nothing harmful?! What will the media corporation do and the writer? Will they apologize? Would it be enough!

Seriously, this is one of the lousiest media reports I ever seen. Congratulations Al Joumhouria and Lebanon Debate for copy pasting it!


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