Lebanon Debate: Blame & Shame strikes you..


Lebanon Debate have fell in the trap of moving one scale from the fourth state force (media) to the third (judiciary). Yesterday, Lebanon Debate have published an article with an image of a taxi driver as well his car model and plate number accusing him of harassing women in two private universities in Beirut (American University for Science and Technology and Lebanese American University). All of this accusations are based on a story of an AUST student who pretended to be a victim and told a story of how she was kidnapped by that person and then miraculously rescued herself by running away. The story is vague, has no witness and no verified documentation such as her report or case number when she went to file a complain at the police station. Now comes the big questions: does a media outlet have the right to publish a personal photo of someone accusing him of kidnapping and sexual harassment when there is no court order? Isn’t an accused person innocent until proven guilty? What if the girl had a problem with that driver and decided to shame him? Did the media (Lebanon Debate in this case) took the other ppint of view into consideration (the driver’s in this case)? Why didn’t they investigate more about the topic and maybe videotape what this accused driver is doing?! All these questions are being raised to show how unprofessional the report was and we leave it to your judgement.. Lebanon Debate, if you keep publishing such articles, maybe you should re do your new slogan 🙂

Check the article here..

Lebanon Debate


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