Media newest victim: a Lebanese rapper


Around 1:00 PM, digital media sphere in Lebanon as well as media outlets with all their online presence (Facebook, Twitter, Email shots, etc..) began spreading images, videos and text about an arrest of a suicidal bomber in Dahieh (southern suburb of Beirut that witnessed two explosions in the last two weeks causing the death and injury of tens of civilians). The content showed a man with a shaved head and long beard wearing a white Abaya handcuffed with two ISF (internal security forces) men escorting him. If the media said he is a suspect, then that would have been fine (which was the case). But news agencies began analyzing: a stolen car, fake car plate numbers, explosives on board, and the rest of the rubbish.. The worst of these news websites is the least professional and most biased news website in #Lebanon: – According to the screen shot above, Mulhak announced that the car plate number were fake, the arrested man is 40 years old and above (which is not the case), and he had no mustache (signifying he is a Sunni Salafist who shave their mustache and leave their beard). The same website had no shame to report an hour after that this man was innocent and his name is H. Charafeddine who happened to be passing in Dahie area admitting that he is only a rapper. Now it does happen that you are mistakenly arrested, but when the media says you were driving a car with fake plate numbers, or a stolen car, this means they are accusing you of theft. If they provide no evidence, then you should sue them. Mulhak and other websites are contributing on daily basis in the spread of one of the most fatal viruses in the world: fear, and they are doing this being unprofessional and misleading the public. In the court of ethics, you suck 🙂



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