Ghassan Saoud: Smile, You are featured here :)

ghassan saoud

In this blog, we are committed to expose the bias, unprofessional and one-sided arguments that the Lebanese media provide. Ass-kissing is one of these forms and it seems that Mr. Ghassan Saoud from Al Akhbar newspaper has joined the crowd. Although Mr. Saoud has an amazing talent in journalistic writing (some call it fabrication), and one of the favorite writers for this blog’s author, but he has screwed up today. In his latest articles about MP Fadi Aawar (yes we do have a parliament member since 2009 who holds this name), Mr. Saoud has done little of reporting or investigating journalism as he is keen to do when it has to do with any March 14 forces’ members. (Note that Mr. Saoud is a proud supporter of Free Patriotic Movement – FPM –  and March 8 forces; and is a journalist as well). In this article, Mr. Saoud neglected the fact that MP Aawar has violated the constitution by allowing himself along with the other 127 thieves to extend their parliamentary benefits (salary and title + extra) for 18 more months. Mr. Saoud also picked handful of Arabic adjectives, verbs and popular proverbs to describe the parliament member, he mentioned no achievement or law proposal that this MP has handled. Mr. Saoud described the good humor and the modest character of MP Aawar, as if the sole purpose of electing an official is the lack of stand up comedians! In the 887 words article, there is no mentioning of any achievement the MP ever did except composing a list of injustice that the another MP (douche bag) Walid Jounblat did to Druze (religious minority that both MPs belong too). Unfortunately, this is the scene of the media outlets and professional writers we have in Lebanon currently, so when we have cheap writers and sheep voters, we can not but expect but to have ruling wolves.


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