Annahar vs. Lebanonon Debate: Manal Assi case


Manal Assi (33 years old) was beaten till death last Tuesday night (February 4) and buried on Wednesday morning with a huge mass participating in the funeral that took place in Tarik Jdeideh in Beirut. It is  speculated that Ms. Assi was beaten till death by her husband and father of her two daughters: Mohamad Al Nuheily. Mohamad has vanished since then.

What is mentioned above are real facts, what was reported by Annahar newspaper and Lebanon Debate website could be facts and could be speculation, since each news outlet offers opposite details and its own version. According to Lebanon Debate, the whole family decided to maintain radio silence regarding the case except for the victim’s brother Mohamad, as for Annahar, the only person to talk to the media was the victim’s sister Manal. Now this could be because each reporter met one of the different individuals. But when Lebanon Debate report that Manal stayed SIX hours in ICU, and then Annahar say that the victim passed away after ONE hour according to the medical examiner, so what was the real time she spent in the hospital? Now this may be also a miscommunication or false information each reporter got. Then Annahar say that Manal and her husband  Mohammad have a history of violent relationship where he used to beat her, whereas Lebanon Debate say that they had a normal marital life and they never heard noises or fights from their house. So who is to be assumed correct in this case?!

Lebanese media will always have contradictory versions of the same story and I think the public must know how to differentiate between the facts and the analysis. The only fact is that Manal has died and he husband is a suspect. When arrested, all details would be clear.

To read Annahar version, press here 

To read Lebanon Debate version, press here 


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