Al Mayadeen vs. Future News: One event; Different Coverage

We want Truth


This is the voice of a Lebanese citizen: We want TRUTH. And who are they asking to provide truth?! The media sector. In less than one hour span, there were two opposite news on two Lebanese (one local and one international TV stations) about Syria on going violent clashes between the regime and its’ opponents. Al Mayadeen TV has reported copying a Syrian Army source that Aleppo prison is still under the control of the Syrian army denying that it was seized by the Syrian rebels/terrorists (depending on your stand from the Syrian revolution). Allegations say that Al Mayadeen is funded by people close to the Syrian regime and many of its staff including its’ CEO Ghassan Ben Jeddo do declare their support for Bashar Al Asad; Syrian Arab Republic president. At the same time, Future TV (owned by former Lebanese prime minister Rafic El Hariri who is a supporter of the Syrian revolution) announced that the opposition fighters have controlled most of Aleppo prison and are freeing hundreds of prisoners. The one million dollar question is: What happened? Did the opposition take control of the prison or not?! What is the Truth?! One more evidence that the Lebanese media is biased, politically led and serves as a tool in the political agenda of fighting political opponents. Lebanese media fails to be credible, objective and fact checking.






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