Government did not form: TVs lost credibility


Last Wednesday (February 5th, 2014) most of the media industry announced that the long awaited government to be formed will be announced before Friday 7th. We are today Monday 10th of February 2014 and the government hasn’t been formed yet. The problem is that these media outlets did not say that the government is expected to be formed, they assured it. Al Jadeed TV even had a title “The Lebanese government will be formed by Friday MAXIMUM”, what are the sources that these media corporations based their news on?! MTV and LBCI based their two lines assuring news on Future Newspaper which speculated since the Lebanese president Michel Sleiman will travel (happened last week) to Tunisia, it is expected to form the government before he leaves (as he has to sign its papers). WOW! Impressive! So we can take a flight schedule to become a worthy headline news! We never knew journalism is done this way. To give them credit, they did say if it wasn’t going to happen last week, it may early this week – but this is not the first time such a prediction takes place with the Lebanese media. Al Jadeed based their news’ on “sources that are closely following the government formation”, now that is interesting, we limited the source to two+ million Lebanese citizen (we subtracted three million of the population who might not care) who are closely following the government formation so that they feel some hope for this never-resting-from-war country. The government was not announced, the tenth promise from the media of its close formation was based on no solid evidence and their expectations didn’t happen! Did any of them try to even apologize for the public? or justify why would they mislead the general public?! Would any editor in chief care to announce that this is merely a speculation and their are no solid evidence to what they are saying? Could they after falling in the same trap be as smart as a donkey for once and stop announcing expecting dates for a government formation that even the appointed Prime Minister who has to form it doesn’t know?! We doubt.


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