Lebanon Debate: Photo Theft Case



We usually post about the content of the Lebanese media outlets, their bias, their unprofessional reporting, their misleading texts and images, etc.. But today, we decided to talk about the various cases of photos’ theft that the Lebanese media outlets perform.. Today’s Lebanon Debate article about the army intelligence that is chasing alleged terrorists. The only problem is that the photo they are using (above) is not the website’s, it is rather taken from the internet and from another blog we run (www.beirutiyat.me). If Lebanon Debate staff have noticed, the blog is under creative commons license and hence they can use the photo as long as they mention its source. Unfortunately, they have failed to do so. It is an ethical thing, and if a news’ outlet will not respect the other people’s work and attribute it to themselves, how do you expect them to be objective and help nurture criticism and change in their societies?!






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