Newest Lebanese Media Victim: Jackie Chamoun

Jackie Chamoun

The above print screen is for a Facebook status Jackie Chamoun; Lebanon representative in the Winter Olympics happening these days in Sochi, Russia had to post on her Facebook page. This “apology” for the Lebanese for “offending” their “conservative image” (as if it was not a national pride to have Beirut as number one night life city in the world few years back) after Al Jadeed TV published a report and a website article  about a topless naked photo shoot that Jackie along with other Lebanese skiers including Cherine Najem had participated in last year in Faraya, Lebanon. The title of the article was “Lebanese ski champions are stripping stars”, this is a very low and cheesy way to attract website/youtube channel traffic. We think that Al Jadeed report and the hinting they used in their phrases between the photo shoots of these champions and their participation in the Olympics is based on no solid evidence and the timing of publication of such a video/report where Jackie is training and preparing for her race in the Olympics is fishy. Now comes the one million questions: So what if she did a topless photo shoot? So what if she even did a naked photo shoot? It is not the public’s business. There are hundreds if not thousands of Lebanese that are doing daring photo shoots every year, so shall we keep talking about them in the news?! Did a national TV become a yellow pages magazine?!


The case has got the Lebanese public attention and tens of supporting posts on Facebook are now being circulated condemning what Al Jadeed Tv has done and showing support to Jackie Chamoun. We believe that what Al Jadeed has done is unethical, and does not raise to the minimal standards of public news’ reporting. It contains no news worth sharing, and the preaching in the end of the article and the fear for Lebanese reputation and the pledge for the Ministry of Youth and Sports is a low shot from a channel that has mastered in hosting shows that do not respect any boundaries of ethics. We conclude by a post that Lebanese outspoken blogger Khodor Salame published on his Facebook about this case. We also agree and certainly condemn using the woman’s body as a mean of marketing, we still think that it is a personal choice that people should not be bashed for.



6 thoughts on “Newest Lebanese Media Victim: Jackie Chamoun

  1. I think she is beautiful and has got guts. more than half the twits who run our country will ver do. And the comment i like the most is about the women getting killed from beating and the people not lifting an eye towards them. MAYBE next time a battered woman who is being completely ignored by the people around her should just take her shirt off and all hell would break loose. I love Jackie Chamoun, you put a smile on my face and I hope my girl will grow up to be half the pretty woman you are and half the athlete. You raise our flag quite high. We do not deserve that…

  2. Mr. Karami, get a life and do your job….That is take care of your country, not what people are doing to promote your country. Mr. Karami is nothing but a buffoon full of himself. You do not even have a functioning government because someone in Damascus told you to fuck up your own country. Mr, Karami, you should be the one ashamed of yourself.

  3. And why is there controversy? There are more important things or the Lebanese media to worry about than nice titties. These old men with their moral compass are the same one’s that sit in a dark room and play with themselves when no one is looking. Hypocritical bastards. People need to chill. SO WHAT??? Have fun and good luck Jackie!

  4. Why should she apologize?.Lets start with the fact it was 3 years ago and I am pretty sure that who ever took those pictures figure they could make some money off of it without her knowing it. Jackie chamoun is a young women who wanted to show off her figure I don’t see nothing wrong with that. Her country should be support her as a athlete who is trying to win a metal.Her country should stop making feel bad and stop judging her on picture she did 3 years ago. The last thingI would like to say is if you don’t like the picture unplug your computer and let Jackie go to work.

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