Lebanon Debate & Lebanon Files Incite Sectarianism



In a country that live nearly two decades of sectarian/religious civil war and still witness sectarian clashed on weekly basis in its second largest cities; Tripoli, Lebanon does not need more hate speech or media outlets to incite sectarianism; and this is exactly what both Lebanon Debate and Lebanon Files are doing now. A disrespectful Lebanese called Ali has posted pictures of himself kissing Virgin Marie statue three years ago on Facebook and his friends commented on it with ridiculous words such as “she is not a virgin anymore, hahaha”. Of course this action is condemned and it shows disrespect and intolerance of other religions and believes. At the same time, revealing such a photo after three years being hidden in a small circle and long forgotten with a title “man french kisses Virgin Marie” are not very innocent and do not totally fall underneath “news’ worthy reporting’ category. The only reason these articles are out is to drive traffic knowing that they will result in more sectarian hate between the people of the same country. We here call both Lebanon Debate and Lebanon Files to delete these posts, practice more self censoring on themselves when it comes to fueling religious/sectarian masses and collaborate with the Cyber Crime Office or the Judiciary system so that they can take advantage and not act on your own causing more problems than solving them!


One thought on “Lebanon Debate & Lebanon Files Incite Sectarianism

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