Nawal Berri: Try Mr. Machnouk



Certainly, Lebanon will miss its ex Minister of Interior Marwan Charbel and his controversial statements. To name some, in the light of usage of stolen cars for suicidal bombings; Charbel announced that the car thieves and the Internal Security Forces (ISF) are not coordinating and hence the thieves end up selling the cars to people who prepare them for bombings, WOW!! Charbel in a different incident asked: “Who does not hold a weapon at his house?! Hold your hand high” addressing journalists after a clash in Lebanon’s second biggest city: Tripoli. On almost daily basis, Mr. Charbel comments’ and actions’ were the target of many of the Lebanese comedy jokes. Many memes, jokes and nicknames were given to the ex Minister of Interior and hence he was indeed one of the few characters to be remembered when a new government was formed and to have a four minutes report about him in Al Jadeed TV news. Reporter Nawal Berry went to Mr. Charbel’s ministry office, interviewed him in his last days in office and was able to catch the man crying for leaving his post. In one of her questions to Charbel’s son, Ms. Berri said (as a sign of Mr. Charbel integrity) that she asked for a special dark-color-glass license from the minister but he refused. This question is why would a reporter ask for a dark-glass-windows license?! Does she feel threatened or doesn’t want people to recognize her?! Well maybe she should apply for it in the most professional way and follow normal procedures and not ask the Minister of Interior for it, no?! What if the minister was not integral as he happened to be? Would she get that license? Isn’t that a form of bribery?! The story is not that huge but it opens doors about how many journalists in this country make friendships with officials, friendships that might effect the way they report news. No one is saying that a journalist should be a cold hearten isolated person, but at the same time he/she should know their limits and stick to their code of ethics which one its top constituents is “Ask for no favors”.

Ms. Berri, you can either apologize for an unintended mistake, or you can ask the new minister Nohad Machnouk, maybe he will do you this favor?! At what cost?! We shall wait your reports..


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