Good marketing, bad journalism: Now Lebanon’s ISIL & Condoms article



(“Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant” fighters are the biggest consumers of condoms); with this title Now Lebanon website brags about their newest investigative pieces from Aleppo, Syria. Now let us not discuss the lameness of this report when hundreds of Syrians are being killed on daily basis because of battles between the revolutionary different groups (Islamic and secular) between themselves and against the Syrian Army backed up with Lebanese Hizbullah fighters. The title is very catchy and will sure get traffic to the website portal especially that sex and religion sell, so why not mix them? ha?! Great marketing! Unfortunately, bad journalism.

The article claims that ISIL fighters use a lot of condoms, something that could be true, but lacks evidence to prove this theory. The article only contains only ONE interview with a pharmacist (who happens to be an activist as well); who claims that many of the ISIL fighters buy condoms and aphrodisiacs medicine (to increase the sexual desire/performance). How does the sole witness Ahmad back his story?! Does he have any videos? medical transcripts? sound records? NO, only his word given to a reporter. Did the reporter even bother to check if this data is verified? Did he ask another source? Did any interview with any pharmacist? Did any interview with an ISIL fighter (even if he was anonymous)? NO. The reporter allowed himself to become a social observer and analyst plus a military strategies analyst announcing that foreign ISIL fighters do not want to have children from the Syrian women they marry not to obstruct their missions. WOW. Did the journalist even try to bother to ask any woman who is married to an ISIL fighter why her husband doesn’t want any children?! Did the reporter mention any statistics about the number of ISIL fighters married to Syrian women and the percentage of those who have children and those who do not?! Absolutely NOT. And you dare call this journalism?! Now Lebanon, I always trusted that you are a news portal that cares about its reputation for doing professional reporting, did you decide to re-position because of all the yellow papers we have in the media now?!




3 thoughts on “Good marketing, bad journalism: Now Lebanon’s ISIL & Condoms article

  1. I think you over reacted to NOW’s article. I totally agree that an interview with one pharmacist is not enough to make a valid argument, however the author is trying to show the hypocrisy of ISIL- they claim to be muslims while they know nothing about Islam. and says who that they are sleeping with their wives only?!!

    • Dear Maya,

      We said we are not really commenting on the content as much as the journalism values! This piece in a professional media outlet will not see light since it is only based on one interview!


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