Joelle Ramsey Faddoul: a believer? YES – a journalist? NO

Joelle Faddoul


Last month, we wrote a post saying that Lebanon Debate and Lebanon Files were inciting sectarianism reporting by digging into a three years old photo for a guy who kissed the Virgin Marie Statue and then another staff writer in Lebanon Debate wrote a piece the 2nd day titled: “It is a disgrace to sit and watch while a man kisses the virgin in that way”. The article had more sectarian speech, fear on the Chrisitan minority in the east, mixes with a lot of feelings and sensuality. The writer played on all possible strings to get the people’s attention to the case: “Why would a Lebanese female skier semi naked body get more attention that Virgin Marie?”, we could sense tears in her eyes. We thought we were reading a Catholic publication, but it was actually a Lebanese media outlet. What happened next?! Our almighty Lebanese president asked to arrest that man, and this is what happened two days ago. So did Ms. Faddoul stop at inciting sectarianism and leading to the arrest of a man (who by the way does deserve it and should have been done away from the eyes of a grudge holding reporter)? No. Ms. Faddoul made a journalistic masterpiece in what we categorize as “Journalism Kissing” today entitled: “Mr. President, thank you for bringing hope to our hearts“. You would think that the president made a national heroic action like finding a solution for 60+ billion dollars debt, or finding a solution for the Syrian civil war, etc.. But No. All what the president did was that he asked to arrest “the-man-who-kissed-the-virgin” and it happened. The writer went far with praising comments and metaphors that we nearly puked (now that is not so professional from our side). Bottom line, we do not think that Joelle Ramsey Faddoul and her 200 likes Facebook page could be called a true believer, but she is certainly not worth being called a journalist.


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