Lebanon Debate & Mulhak: Extraterrestrial Journalism

Media “Video: Extraterrestrial Mummy from outer space”, this looks to be a very attractive title to get website traffic, and this is the strategy Lebanon Debate & Mulhak websites are doing. Both unprofessional websites have used the same title to talk about a discovered extraterrestrial mummy found in Egypt recently. Lebanon Debate went far to give a description to this exploration mentioning that the mummy goes back to one of the Pharaohs’ advisers: Osirunet which means “The Sent Star”, they also add based on a source info a confirmation that this tomb looks like nothing of old Egyptian tombs and that many experts assured that this is not a human being mummy but rather an extraterrestrial one. Mulhak simply steal the video from YouTube, re-post it on their YouTube channel and publish it with no explanation. Now what both websites’ staff and editors is providing false news with unreliable sources and then publicly publishing it. Why is this news fake?! Because if Lebanon Debate or Mulhak  bothered to check the video, it will show few info. The video is not recent or a new discovery, it was published in September 2012 (hence a year and a half ago) so if it was real, it would have been made international news back then. Finding an extraterrestrial mummy is not an ordinary story that people will just forget in few days. The first comment on the YouTube video is : “hoax” and the rest of the comments explain more and more why they believe this video’s content is fake. A two months old comment states the following:

I hate to be the one to pint this out, but I can identify that mummy as one of the two mummified female fetuses found in pharaoh Tutankhamen’s tomb in 1922. DNA testing proved that the mummy was king tuts daughter beyond a doubt, it’s is slightly deformed because the baby was miscarried by the mother at around 7-8 months gestation, the DNA testing also revealed that the baby girl also had severe scoliosis and many other deformities that were likely cause by being the product of incest between tut and his sister/wife ankhesenamun. So sorry to people who thought this was an alien, but its just an ancient mummified baby.
We guess that Lebanon Debate and Mulhak staff had no time to read through the comments, or that their English is to poor to translate. Either that, or they are simply unprofessional people who love to through fake news to get more traffic. Why not?! If they don’t mind stealing online content and put it on their channels, we won’t be surprised!

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