Al Akhbar Newspaper: Shame Media



The Lebanese parliament has met today to elect a Lebanese president for a six years period. Samir Geagea (head of the Lebanese Forces) is running for the presidency and there are several other potential nominees (some being announced and some not). Opinions are divided upon this nomination (some call him a war lord and criminal whereas his supporters defend him as a “strong state man” who served his time in prison whereas other politician who were war lords as well served no time). People, media figures and media institutions gave their opinions about the nominations but few were remarkably sectarian, propaganda oriented and totally biased.

Al Akhbar newspaper published on its printed issue cover today a photo of 48 parliament members that belong to three main political blocks (Future Movement, Phalanges Party and Lebanese Forces party) under the title: Deputies of Shame. The reason why Al Akhbar did this move is because these MPs’ blocks announced that they will vote to Geagea. Al Akhbar staff and editorial board have the right to have their political opinion but they don’t have the right to push it and rub it in people’s face transforming from a media institute to a political party/team propaganda machine. As much as Lebanon Debate in the previous post showed unprofessional, totally biased reporting, Al Akhbar here did the same the other political way around. Again, shame!



2 thoughts on “Al Akhbar Newspaper: Shame Media

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