MTV News: Bias and misleading News’ Bulletin introduction


Regardless of the fact that a news’ bulletin introduction or lead is by itself an unprofessional act that all the Lebanese TV station daily practices transmitting hate speech, political agendas and subliminal messages; MTV topped everyone yesterday. In its 2 minutes and 20 seconds introduction, MTV used the most sectarian inciting phrases and showed total bias to 14 March/ Lebanese Forces party presidential candidate Samir Geagea transforming itself (similar to Al Akhbar & Lebanon Debate) to a propaganda machine. Here are some of the phrases that MTV used: “14 March have provided a first-class nominee.. an action that will take from this election its Maronite’s privacy.. it is enough that they (Geagea and March 14) have respected with honor the presidential elections’ procedures.. who protects the state from a presidential nominee from March 8 lacking a patriotic head?.. the state is danger, the Maronite first position is in danger..” so what is this? Isn’t it a criminal action that the Lebanese law bans for inciting sectarianism? Isn’t it complete bias towards a political fraction/party/group and a presidential nominee?! Is this professional journalism? Again, and for the third time/article today, we say: Shame!



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