Al Akhbar digs the graves.. on covers!

ana youssef

After Al Akhbar newspaper published on its cover a list of 48 MPs calling it the Deputies of Shame list, it hit again today with a direct political non-professional media stunt again today. Al Akhbar published a photo of assassinated ex Lebanese prime minister Rachid Karami which Samir Geagea (head of Lebanese Forces) was indited by the Lebanese court for killing him. Geagea; after 11 years in prison was released in a political deal in 2005 and nominated himself to the Lebanese president position getting 48 votes out of 128 in yesterday’s parliament first vote for the presidency elections. Geagea’s nomination was met with criticism from a lot of the public calling him a “war criminal” while his supporters defend him as being the only one who served a term between Lebanese politicians. Geagea supporters name speaker of the house Nabih Berri as a war criminal himself and nothing has stopped him being in his position for more than two decades. Al Akhbar today decided to post the photo of the late prime minister Karami after 7 parliament members yesterday voted with deceased names that Geagea is suspected in killing (Karami’s killing was confirmed). Al Akhbar has clearly set itself in the same political line with these 7 MPs and the remaining of the March 8 political coalition that most of its MPs used the blank vote in yesterday’s voting. Does Al Akhbar respect its guidelines or media ethics taking such a stand? Why didn’t Al Akhbar do the same reaction with the rest of war lords who took public positions before? Isn’t this a political stand? Isn’t it far from being objective, un-bias and professional?! Be the judge.

Note: Al Akhbar editor in chief Ibrahim Al Amine also published an editorial shaming Geagea and the MPs who voted for him, as a reply to what the Lebanese forces website wrote insulting him in person with the worst words. Leb Media Monitor did not cover the latter because we only cover the professional media outlets and not political websites that we know are much much worse and unprofessional. Leb Media Monitor does not in any way support what Lebanese Forces website published, on the contrary, we condemn the low pieces they publish.


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