Al Mustaqbal newspaper: heard of fact cheking?!

Al Mustaqbal newspaper staff Fady Chamieh published an article today titled: “Hizbullah involvement in the Syrian war: Names and Facts” but it seems that Chamieh had some wrong names and facts to insert. In his article, Chamieh has published a photo of a Hizbullah martyr named Ali Mounif Kachmar as well as mentioning that Kachmar passed away in Syria in July 2012. This was received by many pro Hizbullah social media users with mockery, announcing that Al Mustaqbal does not follow any fact checking procedures. Al Ahed news portal published a counter article accusing Al Mustaqbal of being a propaganda machine publishing lies. Al Ahed published two links to pro Hizbullah websites (one on published in 2008 stating that Kachmar was killed in 1996 fighting Israel, the other is to Al Manar website which is not working). A simple Google search will demonstrate that Ali Kashmar has indeed died in 1996 and that there were various articles/videos about his martyr-ism published before the alleged date by Al Mustaqbal.

We hereby condemn the false news provided by Al Mustaqbal and the lack of professionalism. It is a disgrace that Lebanese media outlets continue to provide fake news only to serve certain political agendas. Shame!


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