Lebanese blogger accuses Al Araby Al Jadeed of plagiarism


Funerals of Hezbollah Fighters Killed in Syria Source: http://www.mostlyoff.wordpress.com


Lebanese blogger Hisham Ashkar has accused in a post published today  the new established pan Arab newspaper and website portal Al Araby Al Jadeed of plagiarism. Ashkar showed a lot of evidence that his work “Hezbollah deaths in Syria” was plagiarized including two versions of the article that was published on Al Araby Al Jadeed website (one not mentioning his article as a source and the other doing the contrary). Ashkar also published private Facebook talk he had with the newspaper article’s publisher Thaer Al Ghandour in which the latter has denied any prior knowledge of Ashkar’s work or identity before posting later that his work (Thaer’s) was based on Ashkar’s research and blog info graphics. Ashkar said in a private talk to Leb Media Monitor that he wishes Al Araby Al Jadeed to deal with the case in “an ethical journalistic way … other wise, i’ll sue them in London, where they are registered”. 


To read more about the article, check Ashkar’s post here: http://bit.ly/1hHbSRg


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