Lebanese journalists accused of bribery..


After Tunisian president Ben Ali fled from Tunisia as a result of a public outbreak/revolution in 2011, many of the secrets of the old regime emerged. One of these classified documents was a list of media figures that were approached by the Tunisian Agency for External Communication (ATCE) to do some “favors” to Ben Ali’s regime. The list contained some of the prominent Lebanese journalists and editors-in-chief who took some forms of bribery to “polish” Ben Ali’s rule. Lebanese blogger Imad Bazzi has published these names five months ago, stating that these are allegations in Tunisia. The list does not only mention names, but also adds what content was tailored to match the ATCE instructions and hence can be checked. The Lebanese prosecutors and judiciary system did nothing about the topic till now. We re-publish these lists not for the sake of bashing the people in them but to request a transparent investigation and active measurements to make sure that Lebanese journalists do not continue to get bribes for their content. 


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