NOW Lebanon providing one sided unchecked information..



In an article published on NOW Lebanon entitled: “Elect Maher Hajjar as a president to Al Asad Syria”, the writer Doha Hasan didn’t hide her opinions against Syrian president Bashar Al Asad. Doha has used a speech broadcasted on the Syrian National TV when Al Asad was elected to succeed his father in 2000 to build on its content. The descriptive sentences used in the 14 years old report to glory Al Asad where the basis that Doha used to mock the president who is running to presidential position in Syria next month when Syria is witnessing a civil war. The writer in an opinion article has all the right to give her biased one sided view giving the worst description to the man. But Doha has no right saying that Al Asad is solely responsible for the killing of 124927 Syrians because these deaths are the result of a civil war where Al Asad opponents have also had their share in the blood shed. The writer also has no right to accuse Al Asad of using chemical weapons against his own people in 2014, something that the UN investigations haven’t been able to prove. This post is not at all defending Al Asad criminal record, or giving legitimacy to its regime. It is a mere reminder that we can not use unchecked unproved numbers/theories/news in our articles/content/journalistic pieces. 


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