Lebanon Debate: Hypocrisy at its best..


Lebanon Debate news website published on May 29th an article accusing Lebanese Minister of Interior Nohad Machnouk of threatening the safety of Lebanese Forces political party Samir Geagea. In their piece (which is labeled: Exclusive), Lebanon Debate mentioned that sources close to Mehrab (Geagea’s headquarters) have assured to them that Machnouk’s decision to change the head of Ghazir police station is an attempt to pressure Geagea psychologically. As much as this news sounds stupid, Machnouk and Geagea are political allies. Machnouk is head of Ministry of Interior and has the right to appoint and change the head of police stations all over Lebanon. Change of a one man’s position (regardless of his political position) does not mean a direct threat to anyone. It is also a shame for the Internal Security Forces (ISF) to mention that its Captain S. T. is close to Lebanese Forces while Captain G.M. is close to the Patriotic Free Movement. And this is not the whole story!

On June 2nd, Micahel Kanbour from Lebanon Debate published another article addressing Minister of Interior Machnouk after they heard Machnouk’s response to their previous story as “impolite”. They published an article saying that we are not living in a “Platonic City”, literally teaching the minister his job. They even had no shame stating that previous ministers have always respected “powers in the ground” implying that they appointed police chiefs that follow the same political line of the political power in that area (this might be true, but asking for it from a media outlet is outrageous, low and unethical).
The very next day, Lebanon Debate announced that what has happened between Machnouk and Geagea was a mere misunderstanding. Nadim Kteich (journalist and media councilor of Machnouk visited Geagea) and helped reach an agreement. Lebanon Debate had no shame to publish Antoine Zahra’s (member of parliament representing Lebanese Forces bloc)words that the Lebanese Forces condemns the campaign against Machnouk (as if they were not at all part of it).

It seems that Lebanon Debate and other media institutes in Lebanon have no shame of what an Arab proverb says “killing the victim, and going to its funeral”. We guess they never thought someone will actually read what they publish, stop at it and report it. Well, we are sorry, we do that!


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