Lebanon Files: What happened to…?



What happened on the MEA flight form KSA to Beirut?! Come on, think.. It must be something major so that it is a title in the daily newsletter a Lebanese website sends to all its subscribers. Did someone die? Did someone try to hijack the plane?! Did two high Lebanese officials meet and agree or disagree on something? Maybe a woman who flashed her boobs? Two couples having sex? Anything worth telling. Oh no, it is just that there was an air turbulence and it caused some passengers nauseated. Wow, such a worthy news! And Lebanonfiles did not even bother to mention who these passengers are, or their current health condition. It seems it is the first flight in history that faces air turbulence and it is such a worthy story to share and disseminate to readers, no?! Such a low shot way to attract visitors (as well as our criticism). Cheers.




One thought on “Lebanon Files: What happened to…?

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