Nawal Berry showed us we are wrong!!


U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry visited Beirut two days ago and held a press conference in the Grand Serail after meeting Lebanese Prime Minister Tamam Salam. In one of the question addressed to Kerry, Al Jadeed reporter Nawal Berry tried to corner him by asking about the Syrian presidential elections that happened a day before just when he finalized his press conference (minute 32 in video above). Nawal asked about the timing of the visit and if it is a direct response to the elections. In her words she said: “We did it” when she wanted to say that the Syrian people have elected a new president. The “we” stands for whom? Is she Syrian? No. But maybe she meant the political line she supports did it. Is this professional journalism?! Even the translator had a hard time covering the translation into Arabic. I hope AL Jadeed can publish the un-translated video.

 Update: It seems we have heard the video wrong, Nawal said “we witnessed” regarding the Syrain elections, then she said “we didn’t” regarding the Lebanese presidency issue. We hereby apologize from Nawal in the first place, we also apologize from our readers. We have the courage to say we make mistakes. If we ask media to be professional and accurate, we should too..






One thought on “Nawal Berry showed us we are wrong!!

  1. this is so unprofessional and whoever wrote this has nothing to do with journalism..I said we a whole time don’t offend people and throw them in a corner you choose for them based on their name..this is not ACCEPTABLE!!

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