Welcome Télé Liban: Be more accurate with titles!



We are very pleased the Lebanese state owned Television Télé Liban has recently refurbished its logo, some of its daily programs and strated engaging with the Lebanese audience on digital media. This post wouldn’t have been possible if not for their newly YouTube channel. In last night’s (Thursday 19th of June 2014) prime time news bulletinTélé Liban mentioned former Minister of Interior and Municipalities Elias Murr. He was mentioned in a report as a participant in Al Iktissad Wal Aamal conference, then the news’ anchor mentioned him before airing a second report about his visit to a religious figure and quoting a 20+ seconds speech he gave to the press. Murr was introduced in the three occasions as Head of the Interpol. This is an intentional mistake made by Murr on October 2013 when he was appointed as the first President of the Board of the recently established Interpol Foundation For a Safer world. He sent a press release and then he was interviewed on LBCI Kalam Ennas TV program and called as Head of the Interpol. Kalam Ennas even sent bulk SMS to Lebanese number mentioning that the interview is going to be with Elias Murr: Head of Interpol in a deliberate brainwash to the Lebanese citizens.Télé Liban fell for the same trap last night giving the man a title he does not hold. Please be careful next time and welcome to digital age!


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