Annahar Newspaper: Sex sells


Annahar newspaper is one of the biggest and oldest newspapers in Lebanon; launched in 1930 by Gebran Tueni and has a 45.000 papers/day circulation rate in 2012 (Wikipedia). Annahar’s three definition words are: “Lebanese, Political, Objective”, but it seems that the competition has transformed Annahar to become a yellow pages tabloid in order to attract more traffic to its website. Annahar has always published different topics in its internal pages ranging from cultural, social, educational and a lot of investigative pieces. They also had a lot of controversial pieces in all fields in the last 80 years that gave Annahar its reputation of being a liberal but yet a self-respectful newspaper. If you check Annahar’s digital media sphere nowadays, and consequently their website, you might think you are visiting Sayidaty magazine or Al Jaras. There is no wrong in that except if you do a history comparison between the media outlets. It is as if Annahar have an issue determining who their targeted audience is. This lead several Annahar readers to launch a campaign on Facebook with hashtag #نعم_لإنقاذ_جريدة_النهار (Yes to Save Annahar Newspaper). This is usually not in the scope of work of LebMediaMonitor since Annahar is not breaching any media ethics, but we are sharing what people are complaining about in the media sphere. People are not interested in reading about Viagra-Ice Cream, or a prostitute who slept with 10.000 men, or Touching not Sex, or Six Secrets to make you Hot, or Why don’t you kiss me like you used to, or even Sex Toys conveyed from Suarez’s bite in #WorldCup2014. They might be interested in reading it but not on the timeline of a prestigious newspaper that should be main source for cultural and political awareness (not to mention investigative journalism pieces) that push for a better society and provide the audience with worth-reading material. Annahar (and other Lebanese media outlets) should have a mission to elevate their society and not taking advantage of shallowness to sell.


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