Mulhak: You can’t be wrong with numbers watched by millions.


The World Cup 2014 started in Brazil four days ago. The first matched was played by Brazil against Croatia and the whole world watched its dramatic course by Brazil being defeated zero to one and then winning 3-1 in the end. Mulhak website had another say, they decided that Brazil won 2-1 in an email sent to all their database subscribers in their news. The website didn’t only make a simple typo mistake, they had a long brief about the game where they stated the Croatian goal and the first two Brazilian goals skipping the third. Above, you can check the original email. We don’t know what happened to Mulhak, they didn’t bother until the end of the match (the Brazilian 3rd goal was scored in the 1st minute of injury time). Did Mulhak think that such a small mistake wouldn’t make an effect? Or they thought they are whatspping some friends and no body would notice?! Please take care of your numbers, especially when millions have watched them before.




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