Media Failure: Terrorist Group arrested in #Hamra


Earlier this morning, a joint force from the Internal Security Forces (ISF) Intelligence Bureau and General Security (GS) raided an hotel in Hamra in search for wanted suspects. According to National News Agency (NNA), the operation was carried out in light of information about terrorist suspects in the hotel.

The Lebanese media, as usual, demonstrated lack of professionalism and kept sending their subscribers urgent messages push notifications informing them about the updates. The news were contradictory especially when they talked about cut roads in Beirut and the number of the arrested.

Founder of Mashallah News, Micheline Tobia noticed that in less than ten minutes, LBCI and Al Jadeed had a different numbers of suspects. LBCI said they are 20 and Al Jadeed said they two to four. Who would the citizens believe?! We are pretty sure that one of the two media outlets are wrong. We are sure they did not cross check their numbers. But we are not sure if any will apologize to their readers.



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