MTV staff: new level of unprofessional media

It looks like the competition in providing unprofessional news is reaching its peak time in Lebanon. The last episode of such actions was with MTV Lebanon publishing a news post on their website titled: “Nasrallah’s (Secretary General of Hizbullah) guards suspecting a strange movement in one of the orchids” with a picture of Hasan Nasrallah. In the post however, MTV seems to mix between known Hizbullah Secretary General and another secretary general of a small Palestinian armed militia (“Ansar Al Allah”) in Miye W Miye Palestinian camp. The name of this general secretary is Jamal Sleiman and it can’t even be a spelling mistake or a pronunciation that lead to the mix between both men. MTV staff simply did not read their own article and have titled it wrong. This was caught by social media users and they posted a screenshot asking what where these staff taking to mix this info together?!

We searched for this news piece but it seems that MTV has taken it off their website.
Screenshot by Firas Dabbagh


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