MTV inciting sectarianism

Photo by Ahmad Yassine

Photo by Ahmad Yassine


Lebanese broadcasting media MTV has sent a push notification on its mobile application stating the following: “Clashed between Jabal Mohsen & Bab Tebbaneh (areas) due to the death of the Sunni Walid Barhoum; spouse of an Alawite women who resides in Jabal Mohsen”. It is true that MTV are reporting actual facts but giving sectarian titles to civilians is part of the Lebanese regime and way of thinking identifying the citizens according to what sect they belong to regardless of their opinions about it. Did MTV ever think if there was another Sunni who read this news and how he/she would react? Most probably he will think of revenge. What about the Alawites who are being labeled as killers in this news? Why isn’t it enough to mention that a gunfire/shooting took place and person X died?! Does it change the news? No. Aren’t people fed up of hearing that sect X member killed sect Y member?! When will this circle of violence and stupidity end? Definitely not soon as long as Lebanese media still incite sectarianism like MTV just did.

Note: A lot of bloggers shared the above photo mentioning that this is a sectarian incitement and hate speech. Unfortunately, many of these activists/bloggers/journalists/citizens fail to see themselves posting few weeks ago about every single incident of a Sunni shooting an Alawite in his feet in Tripoli. Unfortunately, these people look at human rights and journalism ethics only from their political stand.




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